So you’ve been invited to a job interview, congratulations! You’ve gotten your foot in the door. Now is the time to make the necessary preparations to impress the hiring manager. But when you are about to enter the interview room, you feel your feet getting heavier and your senses become heightened or lost (depending on how nervous you are!) Then comes one of the most common questions that can either make or break your chances of getting the job; the hiring manager starts the interview with “can you tell me something about yourself?”
Consider these tips as you answer:

1. BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Confident but not cocky. Your confidence will show when you are able to control your emotions and deliver a complete and concise description of your values, experiences, and goals for the future which will show the company what you are capable of bringing to the table.

2. INITIATE. Initiate creating a friendly relaxed atmosphere. How? Start with a Smile and a polite greeting, always looking at the hiring manager in the eyes. Maintain a relaxed and professional body position, don’t rush the conversation and speak in a normal tone and volume. And pay them a compliment… flattery gets you everywhere!

3. TRUST. Trust that the truth is better than inventing something, everytime! If you do not have any working knowledge or experience in a certain skill or computer language, say it! Follow it up by stating that you are always open to learning new things and will work double time to catch up to anything. Trust that who you are when you walk in that room, will be enough for them to hire you.

4. EXPAND. A good strategy when answering questions in an interview is to create a structured story that shows the interviewers your grit and resolve when faced with a problem and what you did to resolve it and the result.

This way, your interviewer/s will know that you are able to identify your weaknesses but are not one to give up because of them. You are able to use critical thinking and follow through. It also shows great communication skills when you are able to tell a story.

Remember, who you are during these interviews is as significant as how you present yourself to be. So, are you ready to BITE back and show whoever it is across the table that you deserve the opportunity?

Go ahead! Believe in yourself, Initiate a friendly atmosphere, Trust your truth and Expand your horizon.

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