There are over 4 million employees working from home right now. The most recent turnover rate is much higher due to the global pandemic. Many companies opted to embrace the work from home setup to continue with their process and part of it, was of course to ensure health and safety of their employees.

Not every employee would embrace the process and be able to adjust to it as soon as possible. There are employees who are more productive when they work collaboratively, but there are also some who can adapt and enjoy the work from home process easily.

As companies, we want to make sure that we take care of our employees’ welfare and at the same time, we have to make sure that business will run smoothly and that includes making sure that everyone is working productively. Here are some effective ways to communicate for work from home set ups.

Arrange a schedule for team meetings and do it religiously.

Your progress as a team will impact the progress of your company as a whole. Make sure that you arrange your meeting schedules to discuss your plans, progress, or impediments. In this way, you are setting your expectations and you can foresee how things will move forward.

Make sure that you extend support on their set up.

In order for your employees to do their tasks effectively, they need to have the proper equipment and support from their employers. Make sure you ask them if they have a machine to work on so they can do their work properly, and also extend your help in providing the best possible internet connection for them. Always remember that they can deliver quality work output if they are equipped.

Pay attention to their preferences.

In an organization, people have different preferences, some may work effectively every morning, but some work best in the afternoon. Although this is the case, it is always important to pay attention to your employees’ work preferences. You can probably schedule a core team time where everyone is expected to be reachable.

Keep your lines open.

There are several concerns coming from your employees from time to time and in a normal office environment, when they want to talk to you, they can just approach you on your desk and talk to you about it. But work from home set up is a different setup, so always make sure that your lines are always open and that you are always approachable anytime they need you to help them on any concern.

Do not forget to arrange chitchats.

The fact that some employees will take time to adjust and adapt to the new work from home setup, means that you need to get them involved and reach out to them more often. Arranging time for the team to meet at least once a week for just a small chit chat will definitely help them kill the boredom or at least forget about any negative situations they are facing at work or their setup.

To make this setup effective, there has to be trust and empathy from both parties. Trust that your people can work effectively away from their usual work desk, and keep that empathy to make sure you address their needs and concerns as your employee. We have a long way to go, but what’s important is that we stay resilient so businesses will move forward and everyone gets to retain their jobs.

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