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22 Mar 2022
By: TalentumPH
Freelancers. Independent workers. There are various names for people who decide to work outside of a nine-to-five, traditional corporate environment. The freelancer industry predated the pandemic. More and more people opt for a more independent working life as people leave their corporate jobs in favor of flexible work.
18 Feb 2022
By: TalentumPH
Having work-life balance is talked about a lot, but what does it really mean? That’s a hard question to answer, because it can mean different things to different people. For a lot of people, it’s about putting their work away when they leave the office or their workday is done.
18 Dec 2021
By: TalentumPH
Hustle culture is real. We all know someone who brags about the fact they’re always working. Late nights, early morning, working on weekends… Some people choose this lifestyle, but it can become toxic and dangerous if it goes unchecked.
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