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10 Jul 2020
By: TalentumPH
So you've been invited to a job interview, congratulations! You’ve gotten your foot in the door. Now is the time to make the necessary preparations to impress the hiring manager. But when you are about to enter the interview room, you feel your feet getting heavier and your senses become heightened or lost
29 May 2020
By: TalentumPH
The minutes or MOM capture the purpose and the agreed action items which both parties can refer back to and can be used for follow up purposes. So let’s discuss further why MOMs are important and why should you start implementing MOMs after each meeting.
27 May 2020
By: TalentumPH
Unfortunately some employers needed to lay off a portion of their workforce in order to keep the boat from sailing, some had to cut costs and some had to work on a routine setup and with that said, not only talents but most companies especially HRs are facing their toughest challenges.