Jobs, employments and onboarding has been disrupted as we all face a global challenge — COVID 19. We are all instructed to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to go outside and so yes, we must admit that the challenge is real!

Unfortunately some employers needed to lay off a portion of their workforce in order to keep the boat from sailing, some had to cut costs and some had to work on a routine setup and with that said, not only talents but most companies especially HRs are facing their toughest challenges. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Hiring instead of firing

obviously, certain industries who are directly impacted by this pandemic were forced to fire their employees and the first round of layoffs have started in susceptible industries such as Travel and tourism, logistics, and some parts of the food industries such as restaurants.

PRO TIP: If you are a Talent acquisition firm and although many talents were laid off, you know for sure that some of them were A-players and maybe top professionals in their field. Take this perfect opportunity to get in touch with them and help them find a new position.

You need to do everything online

COVID-19 has changed the way companies operate. It also changed the way HR departments live and work, human resource firms and professionals need to adapt and they have to do it as quickly as possible.

PRO TIP: Make an audit of your recruitment practices. Find new and creative ways to identify the process that won’t work digitally to make your lives easier. HR can be most effective when they are face to face with everyone. But, this special circumstance allows every HR professional to elevate their skills in this industry.

Difficulties filling out certain positions

Again, some industries may not impose a hiring freeze, and you’ll probably have a hard time filling out the positions even before COVID-19 started.

PRO TIP: This is the perfect time to highlight your niche and your company branding! Make sure that you stand out from your competitors, address your current and potential employees’ biggest challenges and insecurities, provide them with the support they need so they won’t be worried about keeping their jobs.

In conclusion, COVID-19 may have widely spread, extremely affecting every economy and caused huge changes to everyone. Companies who will survive this pandemic will surely learn to innovate their processes to make sure that whatever situation or disease they may face in the future, they will stand still and continue their operations.

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