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Your CV or resume is very often a company’s first impression of you. Well before you sit in front of a hiring manager, your CV tells them about you. It can showcase your personality, how professional you are, how organized and detail oriented you can be, and–of course–highlight your qualifications.

If you haven’t before, it’s high time that you make your CV work for you. This is best done by creating different formats depending on the position for which you are applying. Consider these formats.

Combination Resume

Ideal for

  • Seasoned professionals targeting a specific position
  • Career-changers
  • People with employment gaps
Functional Resume

Ideal for

  • Creative jobs where a portfolio matters most
  • Technical Functional Summary
  • Candidates who don’t want to seem overqualified
Chronological Resume

Ideal for

  • Candidates seeking a job similar to their previous positions
  • Students and entry-level candidates
  • Academic resumes
Keep your resume easy on the eyes, using black or dark blue as a font color. Make sure the background is white and there is a lot of space between the different sections, giving managers an easy time when they look through your details.

All sorted? Best of luck!

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