MOM? Not the person who brought you into this world.. Rather the one of the most important MOM in every business, you got it! Minutes of the Meeting.

The minutes or MOM capture the purpose and the agreed action items which both parties can refer back to and can be used for follow up purposes. So let’s discuss further why MOMs are important and why should you start implementing MOMs after each meeting.

MOMs provides answers

Before you start your meeting, you have your agenda ready, you know the concerns you want to address and the matters you want to discuss. You walked out of the meeting and thought that you have covered everything, but unfortunately, you forgot something. The Worst case scenario is to pick up your phone and call your colleague and ask them about the same matter again, embarrassing right? But with meeting minutes, you know you have all the answers you need, either one of you will forget your agreements and what was discussed in your meeting. You are more confident that you will cover every single action item you need to accomplish, it saves you time and energy. Agree?

MOMs drives action

The difference between a meeting without MOM and a meeting with MOM is the number of accomplishments. With a reference MOM everyone knows what they need to work on, everyone won’t forget what they have to focus on, and everyone accomplishes more separately. What’s more cool about creating an MOM is that it also serves as an alignment to those who were not able to attend the meeting.

MOMs can act as a measuring stick

Your MOM records agreements and decisions made on a certain meeting, which in the future can be a measuring tool to see progress. The action items that need to be done also act as an accountability tool to the individual the task was assigned to.

In conclusion.. If your organisation hasn’t started implementing a Minutes of the Meeting notes, it’s time you start doing it. You may find it difficult to adjust and create this document, but you’ll reap the benefits of it with the guarantee of accomplishing more tasks for your organization. If you wish to elevate your organisational performance, you know for a fact that these documentations would help you in the long run.

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