Does your gig work have you working out of a home office most of the time? Maybe you were working onsite on a long-term contract and then COVID-19 happened. You suddenly had to work from home, whether you felt prepared or not. The adjustment can be especially challenging for gig workers with children at home.

In some areas of the country, school-age children remain at home learning their lessons online because of pandemic restrictions. There is a good chance you feel stretched thin trying to work and juggle the needs of your kids at the same time. We hope that these online resources for people working from home with kids will give you the breathing room you need. Read all about keeping your kids productively busy from this article on Jobble.

Enroll Your Child in Coding Classes

Do you have a budding computer programmer living under your roof? This extra time at home is a great opportunity for your son or daughter to learn more about coding, all from your home computer. Skillshare is a great resource to view for online classes for kids. While they have plenty of art and crafting classes, there are also several coding classes that your children can enjoy (with or without a parent helping!)

GameFly: Thousands of Games and Movies Available at the Click of a Button

While you probably don’t want to turn your child into a couch potato, sometimes an online game or movie can save the day when you need peace and quiet to concentrate or make phone calls. GameFly offers a free trial and doesn’t require a membership commitment. Game and movie options range from educational to entertaining, giving you total control over your children’s intake of media. This is a win-win for any parent working at home with kids.

Take Virtual Field Trips from Home

Going to the Natural History Museum in London may not be in the family budget, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy the experience virtually. Or maybe your kids aren’t into history but love art. That’s fine too, just set them up to view the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to seem more than 500 paintings and other exhibits the museum owns. For animal lovers, there’s the Temble Elephant Park in South Africa.

What do all these destinations have in common? They, along with several others, are offering virtual field trips for kids whose teachers have had to cancel in-person field trips due to the pandemic. You can learn more about the virtual field trip participants and book an online adventure for your kids at this link. These types of at-home activities can be great at tiding over their curiosity until your family can plan its next great vacation.

Nothing is easy when working from home with kids. These online resources for parents who are also gig workers can help lessen the stress for each of you while throwing some fun into the mix at the same time.

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